Environmental Science, BS - Natural Science Option

The Natural Science option has a strong life science component and was designed to prepare students for employment by environmental consulting firms, environmental education centers, or government agencies. This option also prepares students for graduate study and research.

Core Requirements
Environmental Science Courses
ENVS 101Physical Geology3
ENVS 101LPhysical Geology Lab1
ENVS 102Historical Geology3
ENVS 102LHistorical Geology Lab1
ENVS 107Introduction to ArcGIS2
ENVS 180Environmental Science: Introduction3
ENVS 180LEnvironmental Science: Introduction Lab1
ENVS 301Basic Soil Science3
ENVS 301LBasic Soil Science Lab1
ENVS 310Hydrology3
ENVS 310LHydrology Lab1
ENVS 390Research Methods in Environmental Science2
ENVS 400Environmental Data Analysis & Presentation2
Biology Courses
BIOL 200Introduction to Cellular Biology3
BIOL 200LIntroduction to Cellular Biology Lab1
BIOL 201Introduction to Biodiversity & Evolution3
BIOL 201LIntroduction to Biodiversity & Evolution Lab1
BIOL 302Botany3
BIOL 302LBotany Lab1
BIOL 311Ecology3
BIOL 311LEcology Lab1
Chemistry Courses
CHEM 231General Chemistry I3
CHEM 231LGeneral Chemistry I Lab1
CHEM 232General Chemistry II3
CHEM 232LGeneral Chemistry II Lab2
Physics Courses
PHYS 141College Physics I3
PHYS 141LCollege Physics I Lab1
PHYS 142College Physics II3
PHYS 142LCollege Physics II Lab1
Math Course
MATH 200Introduction to Statistics3
Humanities Courses
ENG 360Scientific & Technical Writing3
PHIL 107Environmental Ethics3
Restricted Electives
Select two courses, at least one must include a lab:6-8
Agricultural & Environment Law
Microbiology Lab
Natural History of Vertebrates
Natural History of Vertebrates Lab
Genetics Lab
Instrumental Analysis
Advanced GIS and Spatial Analysis
Environmental Geology
Rocks & Minerals
Environmental Toxicology
Plant Nutrients in the Environment
Soil Conservation and Land Use Management
Wetland Ecology
Wetland Ecology Lab
Limnology Lab
Soil Morphology & Genesis
Soil Morphology & Genesis Lab
Advanced Special Topics
Environmental History
Total Credits74-76

May substitute other statistics course with program approval.

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