Communication Arts and Literature Education, Communication Studies, BS

Communication Studies Courses
COMM 161Speech Activities: Public Address1
or COMM 261 Speech Activities: Oral Interpretation
COMM 200Small Group Communication3
COMM 220Storytelling in Modern Communication3
COMM 230Interpersonal and Cross-Cultural Communication3
COMM 330Mass Media and Society3
COMM 356Argumentation and Debate3
COMM 403Professional Presentations3
COMM 410Communication Analysis3
COMM 435Media Production for Training and Learning3
COMM 450Secondary Teaching Methods: Speech Communication3
English/Literature Courses
ENG 361Advanced Composition3
ENG 365Modern Grammar3
LIT 320British Literature Survey: Beginnings to Present3
LIT 330American Literature Survey: Beginning to Contemporary3
LIT 410Literacy & Literature for Adolescents3
Total Credits43

Note: This degree when coupled with professional education requirements can be used to obtain 5-12 education licensure in Communication Arts and Literature from the Minnesota State Board of Teaching. Please see the Education Department for current licensure requirements. This degree has an emphasis in Communication Studies. Licensure may also be obtained with an emphasis in English; see the English section.

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