Veterans Resource Center

BA 141, (507) 537-7213

The Veterans Resource Center Coordinator is here to serve the unique higher education needs of students who are Veterans, military members, or family members.

Services available include:

"Veterans Friendly" Policies and Procedures

  • Payment extensions while awaiting properly applied for educational benefits.
  • Military transfer credit.
  • Veteran resident status.
  • Registration – priority, flexibility, and withdrawals due to deployments.

On-campus Veterans Resource Centers

  • Provide an environment where Veterans, military members and their families feel welcome.
  • Provide information about services and resources, as well as referrals to the correct service providers.
  • Provide a space to interact with other students who are Veterans and family members of veterans, gaining support and encouragement from students with similar backgrounds, experiences, and circumstances.
  • Organize training on veterans issues, bring service providers on-site (family assistance workers, County Veterans Service Officers, DEED employment specialists, etc.) and the development of special events for Veterans and military families.

Coordinated Services and Information

  • Facilitate communication between departments and staff who regularly interact with veterans, and whose services Veterans depend upon (admissions, financial aid, counseling, disability services, career services, etc.).
  • Develop and coordinate training opportunities for campus staff on Veterans issues.
  • Solicit feedback from Veterans and attempt to remove unnecessary impediments to Veterans services.

Note: While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, SMSU reserves the right to correct any clerical errors herein. Also, you can submit feedback.