History, BA

History Core
HIST 210Contemporary World History3
HIST 221Early America: History of the U.S. from the Colonial Era to the Civil War3
HIST 222Modern America: History of the U.S. from 1865 to the Present3
HIST 242Early Europe3
HIST 243Modern Europe3
HIST 301Historiography3
HIST 487Senior Seminar3
Select 15 credits of History electives (300 level or above), at least one each from Non-Western, European, and U.S. History courses. 115
Non-Western History
Environmental History
World in War & Crisis: 1895-1949
World in War and Crisis: 1949-Today
Modern Latin America
Mexico & Central America
U.S.-Latin American Relations
Contemporary Hispanic World to 1955
Contemporary Hispanic World, 1955-Today
Atlantic World to 1830
History of Cuba
World War Two
Origins of Islamic Civilization
War and Peace in the Middle East
European History
Rome: from Republic to Empire
Germany: The Road to Tyranny
History of Russia
History of England
United States History
U.S. Since 1945
The Vietnam Wars, 1945-1975
American Revolution and the Early Republic, 1763-1816
Growing Up in America
Civil War & Reconstruction
African-American History:1500 to the Present
American Womens History
History of Social Welfare in the U.S.
The Examined Life: American History through Autobiography
Minnesota History
Total Credits36

Students who are not seeking a Social Science licensure may substitute PHIL 331 History of Philosophy: Social & Political Philosophy (3 cr.) for a history elective.

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