G-010 Commencement Exercises

Code: G-010
Date: April 29, 1977
Approved: C. Tisinger
Revised: September 15, 1980
Approved: Jon Wefald

Southwest Minnesota State University


Commencement Exercises

  1. There shall be one Commencement Exercise at or near the end of Spring Semester. This date shall be included in the academic calendar each year.
  2. All faculty and administration shall be strongly encouraged to participate in Commencement Exercises. Participating faculty and administration shall wear caps and gowns appropriate to their degrees.
  3. All students who have completed degree requirements verified by approved degree checks since the last commencement date may participate in the commencement exercises. Student participation shall be on a voluntary basis. Students who do participate shall wear appropriate attire as determined by the graduating class. Within this context the term “appropriate” denotes uniformity of attire.
  4. Certificates of attendance will be awarded to all participating students. Following Commencement Exercises, diplomas will be mailed to all students who have completed graduation requirements since the last commencement exercise.
  5. The development of the Commencement program each year shall be the responsibility of the office charged with implementing this policy. Appropriate students, faculty, and administration shall be consulted.
  6. Institutional funds for the Commencement Exercises shall be budgeted each year by the President’s Office.
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