Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), BS - K-12

Standards of Effective Practice:
ED 101Introduction to Education and Lab3
ED 102Technology:Classroom Applications & Portfolio2
SPED 290Introduction to Special Needs and Lab3
ED 251Introduction to Child Growth & Development3
or PSYC 341 Child & Adolescent Psychology
ED 312Human Relations for Teachers3
or SOCI 331 Racial & Ethnic Relations
ED 403English Language Arts Methods & LAB3
The following courses may be taken only after admission to the Teacher Education Program: 1
ED 301The Teaching & Learning Process & Lab3
or ED 423 Classroom Management Theories and Practices & LAB
ED 458Action Research3
TESL 459Professional Development & Action Research1
TESL 459LPre-Student Teaching Experience0-1
12 credits of student teaching are required for a semester-length experience: 2
ED 473Teacher Licensure0
TESL 466Student Teaching in TESL; K-12 & Seminar12
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Requirements
ED 401Childrens Literature2
ED 402Early Literacy and Linguistics & LAB3
ED 404Literacy Methods & LAB3
ED 424Elementary Mathematics Methods & Lab3
ED 447Teaching of Literacy3
TESL 431Foundations of Teaching ESL & Lab3
TESL 432Understanding Second Language Acquisition3
TESL 433Assessment in TESL3
TESL 434Second Language Literacy & Linguistics3
TESL 435TESL Methods & Lab3
TESL 436TESL Partnerships3
Total Credits68-69

Refer to the current Teacher Education application packet for information about the application process and criteria.


Student teaching may include two placements, depending on licensure. 
Refer to Education Program for course number needed for your area.


Verification of 2 years of High School Foreign Language or 1 year (2 semesters) of college level Foreign Language required for MN Licensure for Teaching English as a second language (TESL).

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