A-056 Priority Registration Procedure

Code: A-056
Date: October 2, 2017
Approved: Connie J. Gores

Southwest Minnesota State University


Priority Registration

Overriding Principles

  • Students with documented disabilities and their note takers may continue to register before other students without regard to classification.
  • Priority Registration Cohort Groups:
    • Approved groups are: Honors, Athletes, Forensics
    • All future priority registration cohort groups must apply for priority registration status. The SMSU Faculty/Staff member associated with this cohort must contact the Dean’s Office to discuss the rationale for this accommodation.
  • New Priority Registration Senior Status is defined as Students who have earned 75 or more credits
  • All other Priority Registration students will be defined as 0-74 earned credits
  • Non-priority Registration Students will be defined using the following earned credits classifications:
    • 90+     Seniors
    • 60-89  Juniors
    • 30-59  Sophomores
    • 0-29    Freshman

Registration Windows

  • Registration Windows will open as follows:
    • First window will be Students with documented disabilities and note takers and Priority Registration Senior Status Students
    • Seniors 90+ credits
    • All Other Priority Registration Students 0-74 credits
    • Juniors 60-89 credits
    • Sophomores 30-59 credits
    • AOS Freshman Students
    • Freshman 0-29 credits
Note: While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, SMSU reserves the right to correct any clerical errors herein. Also, you can submit feedback.