Applied Computational Mathematics, BS

Required Mathematics Courses
MATH 150Calculus I5
MATH 151Calculus II4
MATH 200Introduction to Statistics3
MATH 252Calculus III4
MATH 320Foundations of Mathematics3
MATH 345Numerical Analysis3
MATH 350Differential Equations3
MATH 360Linear Algebra3
MATH 450Real Analysis3
MATH 455Applied Mathematics3
MATH 480Mathematics Seminar1
Required Computer Science Courses
COMP 164Essentials of Computer Science3
COMP 164LEssentials of Computer Science Lab1
COMP 165Fundamentals of Programming3
COMP 165LFundamentals of Programming Lab1
Select three of the following with at least one at the 400 level:9
Object-Oriented Design & Programming
C# Programming
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Theory of Computation
Modern Geometry
Combinatorics & Graph Theory
Special Topics in Mathematics
Probability & Statistics
Complex Analysis
Advanced Topics in Mathematics
Other Required Courses
ENG 360Scientific & Technical Writing3
Additional Requirements
Select a minor in one of the following:13-28
Total Credits68-83
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