G-001 University Policies and Procedures

Code: G-001
Date: September 14, 1976
Approved: C. Tisinger
Revised: May 2003
Approved: David C. Danahar

Southwest Minnesota State University


University Policies and Procedures

  1. Codified University Policies are policies which have been approved by the President and are not inconsistent with Federal or Minnesota Statues; the MnSCU Board Policies, Internal Rules, and Operating Policies; the Agreement between the MnSCU Board of Trustees and the Inter-Faculty Organization and the MnSCU Board of Trustees and the Minnesota State University Association of Administrative and Service Faculty;
  2. The University Policies shall be codified under the following categories:
    • A    Curriculum and Related Academic Policies
    • F    Fiscal Policies
    • G    General University Policies
    • I      Information Technology 
    • P    Personnel Policies
    Policies shall be identified by a combination of letters and numerals. The initial letter indicates the code category. A dash is followed by a three number combination sequencing the policies within a category.
  3. Procedures are the methods and/or processes of executing a policy. They are to be codified and maintained separately. Procedures are to parallel University Policies and are to be codified by using decimals with the policy number to indicate multiple procedures coded to one policy.

See also:
G-001.1 Responsibility for Policies and Procedures

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