K-12 or 5-12 Licensure

K-12 Majors

  • K-12 Music: Instrumental or Vocal (Music Education)
  • K-12 Physical Education
  • K-12 Visual Arts (Art Education)

Secondary Education Majors

  • 5-12 Agricultural Education                                                    
  • 9-12 Biology Education                                                           
  • 9-12 Chemistry Education                                                       
  • 5-12 Communication Arts: Literature or Communication Studies/Secondary Education   
  • 5-12 Health Education                                                          
  • 5-12 Mathematics Education                                                  
  • 5-12 Majors: Social Studies Licensure with Content Major: history, psychology, political science, or sociology (Minor: Social Studies, Gr. 5-8)
  • 5-8 General Science Licensure (Minor: Middle School Science, Gr. 5-8)
Professional Secondary Education Sequence
ED 101Introduction to Education and Lab3
ED 102Technology:Classroom Applications & Portfolio2
ED 301The Teaching & Learning Process & Lab3
ED 304Professional Development & Classroom Applications1
ED 304LPre-Student Teaching Experience Practicum0-1
ED 430Reading in the Content Areas2
PSYC 341Child & Adolescent Psychology3
SPED 290Introduction to Special Needs and Lab3
ED 312Human Relations for Teachers3
or SOCI 331 Racial & Ethnic Relations
ED 466Student Teaching: K - Grade 12 112
or ED 469 Student Teaching:Grade 5 - 12
Methods Courses in the Subject Matter Areas 2
Select 2-6 credits of the following:2-6
Agricultural Education: 5-12 Methods
Art Education/Elementary
Art Education/Secondary
Secondary Methods: Language Arts
Secondary Methods: Mathematics
Secondary Methods: Science
Secondary Methods: Social Science
Organization and Application of Health Education: 5-12
Elementary School Music Methods and Materials
Secondary Ensemble & Classroom Methods
K-12 Physical Education Methods & Lab
Requirements of Major and/or Minor Fields of Study
See descriptions listed under program areas of the online catalog.
Total Credits34-39

Student Teaching is generally a full semester in length. Double majors with a combination of 5-12, 9-12, and K-12 levels are usually able to complete student teaching in one semester.


The appropriate discipline methods course(s) is (are) intended to be taken prior to Student Teaching.
Taking this course prior to or concurrently with ED 304 Professional Development & Classroom Applications (1 cr.) is recommended: Discipline Methods Course(s)

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