Computer Science, BS

Required Computer Science Courses
COMP 164Essentials of Computer Science3
COMP 164LEssentials of Computer Science Lab1
COMP 165Fundamentals of Programming3
COMP 165LFundamentals of Programming Lab1
COMP 166Data Structures3
COMP 166LData Structures Lab1
COMP 233Computer Organization and Architecture3
COMP 306Object-Oriented Design & Programming3
COMP 324Design and Analysis of Algorithms3
COMP 368Database Management Systems3
COMP 376Advanced UNIX Programming3
COMP 377Operating Systems3
COMP 425Software Engineering3
COMP 492Capstone Project1
COMP 493Capstone Project1
Computer Science Electives
COMP 3XXCOMP Courses at the 300 level or above6
MATH 345Numerical Analysis3
Required Mathematics Courses
MATH 150Calculus I5
MATH 200Introduction to Statistics3
MATH 320Foundations of Mathematics3
MATH 325Combinatorics & Graph Theory3
Additional Courses
ENG 360Scientific & Technical Writing3
Total Credits61
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