Posting Guidelines

The following guidelines were developed to aid those individuals and groups wishing to post information for the University community. The University provides designated space on campus for the posting of materials and the University provides posting privileges so that the University community may be informed of current events, issues, and academic information.

The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee will provide administration of the guidelines for all posting pertaining to student or academic events, student job announcements, and student advertisements for the buying or selling of goods or services.

The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs may grant waivers of specific guideline requirements for special events (such as Student Association elections and/or SAC events).

The President or his/her designee will provide administration of the guidelines for all posting not indicated above and those pertaining to the various collective bargaining units, services provided by University departments, general academic information, and advertisements provided by off-campus commercial establishments. (Please note: Off-campus commercial establishments should be required to register and pay for this privilege.)

Regulations for accepted methods and areas for posting are as follows:

  1. General posting and notices can be posted on any bulletin board or posting area within the Academic Buildings assigned for general use posting. All postings outside the designated posting areas will be removed. These posting areas will be appropriately identified.
  2. Bulletin boards or posting areas assigned to the collective bargaining units (e.g. IFO, MSUAASF, MMA, Council 5) or specific departments may be used only for the posting of notices by those units or departments. These posting areas will be appropriately identified.
  3. A maximum of 14” x 22” poster will be allowed on general posting areas.
  4. All posting items should indicate an event date or expiration date. Undated items will be removed immediately.
  5. All individuals and groups posting materials have the responsibility of removing those items the day after the event.
  6. Only masking tape may be used to post on designated wall surfaces, and only masking tape, straight pins, staples, or map tacks may be used to post on bulletin board surfaces. (Thumbtacks may not be used as they puncture wheelchair tires. Tape other than masking tape may not be used as it damages surface areas.)
  7. Posting on the exterior, grounds, and parking lots (including placement under windshield wipers) of the campus is prohibited. A $50.00 cleanup charge will be assessed to individual(s) violating this policy.

Revenue Fund Facilities (i.e. Student Center, Food Service, Commons, and Residence Halls) will have their own procedures for posting. Those wishing to post in these areas should consult the officials in each area:

  • Student Center: Service Window of SC 225
  • Food Service: Dining Service Director
  • Residence Halls: Residence Life office, Naoutha lobby
Note: While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, SMSU reserves the right to correct any clerical errors herein. Also, you can submit feedback.