G-001.1 Responsibility for Policies and Procedures

G-001.1 Responsibility for Policies and Procedures 

The President or designee shall be responsible for codifying, printing, maintaining, and distributing copies of approved University Policies and Procedures. (See SMSU Policy G-001 and Board Policy 1A.1, Part 6, Subpart H, “College and university policies and procedures.”) 


Policies are to be concise statements on matters of governance deemed important to the University’s operation, while procedures specify the manner in which policies, law, or managerial functions must be implemented by the University. (See SMSU Policy G-001.) 

Policy and Procedure Steering Committee 

The Policy and Procedure Steering Committee (PPSC) is a standing committee of the following members by position: VP of Academic and Student Affairs, President of SmSUFA (or designee), Registrar, Director of Financial Aid, ASF President (or designee), and a President (or designee) of MMA/MAPE/CONF 5/MGRL/AFSCMEThe purpose of the committee is to monitor and assess the review of University Policies and Procedures, ensuring the integrity of the processtimely publication of new and amended policies and proceduresand removal of those repealed. In addition, PPSC is responsible for a communication plan, so that all stakeholders are aware of the status of University Policies and Procedures. (See “SMSU Committees” for more details about the Policy and Procedure Steering Committee.) 

Policy and Procedure Review Process

Policies and procedures follow the same process with one exception. The review process ensures integrity and timeliness of review and publication. As detailed below, the four main steps in the process are:  

  1. Initiating,

  2. Developing 

  3. Engaging, 

  4. Publishing 

Policies and procedures may be createdrevised, or repealed. 

Initiating Policy or Procedure Review 

review begins under one of two conditions: 1) Scheduled Review, or 2) Requested Review. 

Scheduled Review 

All University Policies and Procedures shall be scheduled for regular review according to the review schedulemaintained and published by PPSC. 

Requested Review 

Requests may originate from university officesdepartments, or committees to add, revise, or repeal a policy or procedure. Requests will be submitted through the process established by the PPSC. 

PPSC Review 

If the request is to create or revise a policy or procedurePPSC will compare it to Minnesota State Board of Trustee Policies and Procedures and other University Policies and Procedures for consistency. PPSC may send requested reviews back to the requestor for clarification. Otherwise, PPSC will notify the President’s Cabinet of the work in progress and assign the work to either a university standing committee or ad hoc work group. 

Developing Policy

The entity responsible for the work will draft a proposal or revision, seeking input from subject matter experts as needed. When the draft is complete, the entity will forward it to PPSC. If PPSC has suggested edits, it will communicate these to the entity for further revision. Whether or not edits are suggested, PPSC will forward the draft to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to review for inclusive and equitable language. 

Engaging Stakeholders 

The difference between the approval process for policies and procedures is related to open comment periods and Meet and Confer. 


Normally the policy will be posted for a review and comment period to the University for 15 calendar days. The PPSC will review comments for incorporation into the policy and consult as needed regarding revision.  

The drafted policy will then be presented at Meet and Confer. If further revision is needed, a timeline will be agreed upon for the revisions. 


The drafted procedure will be presented at Meet and Confer as an informational item. 

Publishing Policies 

After all edits are completed and Cabinet has given final approvalPPSC will ensure the policy is published and disseminated to all stakeholders. 

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G-001 University Policies and Procedures

Policy History

Date of Adoption: September 14, 1976
Date of Last Review: October 23, 2023

Date and Subject of Amendments

10/23/2023 - Procedure was developed to its full length.

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