Public Safety Services

University Public Safety

Founders Hall First Floor (507) 537-7252
Emergency: Dial 911 (9-911 from University phone)
Escort Service: (507) 537-7252

The University has a proprietary security program with a Director to manage the University security and safety programs. University Public Safety will work in concert with the Marshall Police Department regarding criminal violations.

Functions of the SMSU Public Safety staff include, but are not limited to: providing help in the areas of personal safety, individual rights, room security, vehicle security, DWI laws, federal, state and local laws; crime prevention; emergency first aid; building security and security functions arising under the policies of the University; security assistance on behalf of the University; parking and traffic control; investigations; and the furnishing of general information to guests and visitors.

The University’s Public Safety program employs student security officers. Working under the direction and supervision of the Director of University Public Safety, the student security officers are scheduled so as to provide security coverage throughout the calendar year. This coverage includes the routine patrolling of campus buildings, grounds, parking areas, and streets. University Public Safety will respond to calls from students on matters concerning life safety, criminal activity, and campus disturbances. In addition to the student security coverage on weeknights and weekends, the Marshall Police Department routinely patrols the campus perimeter and residential areas and will always respond to requests for assistance, or to any observed criminal activity.

Additional security is provided by University Public Safety and operates several evenings each week providing extra security to residential areas of campus by patrolling parking lot perimeters, residence hall grounds, house lounges and entries. The staff is available to assist students and can be reached through University Public Safety at (507) 537-7252.

Student security officers are trained to respond to all emergency situations and will immediately call for professional assistance in cases of sexual assault and/or other situations as deemed necessary. All officers with University Public Safety have had training to be able to appropriately respond to cases of sexual assault and will handle such cases with concern and prompt attention.

You can be assured that all security requests and needs will be taken seriously and will be handled professionally by all security personnel. Please feel free to contact University Public Safety when they can be of service to you.

Escort Services

Founders Hall Lower Level, (507) 537-7252

For your safety and security, SMSU also has available, to members of the entire campus community, a 24 hour escort service. By calling 507-537-7252, you can request an escort to any destination on campus.

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