Political Science, BA

Core Courses
POL 217Global Politics3
POL 220American National Government3
POL 252Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POL 300Political Research Methods4
POL 422American Political Thought3
POL 490Senior Seminar3
Political Science Categories
Select one of the following:3
State Government
Local & Rural Politics
Public Policy & Administration
Select one of the following:3
International Politics
World Political Geography
International Law
Select one of the following:3
The Judicial Process
Administrative Law and Regulation
Criminal Justice and Procedure
Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties
Law & Society
The U.S. Supreme Court
Additional Political Science Courses
Two additional courses from any one of categories 1-3
POL XXXCourses from Categories 1-36
Elective Courses
POL 2XXPolitical Science Course 200 level or above3
Total Credits37
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