Political Science, BA

Core Courses
POL 117Introduction to Government & Politics3
POL 120American National Government3
POL 252Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POL 300Political Research Methods4
POL 422American Political Thought3
POL 490Senior Seminar3
Political Science Categories
Select one of the following:3
State Government
Local & Rural Politics
Public Policy & Administration
Select one of the following:3
International Politics
World Political Geography
International Law
Select one of the following:3
The Judicial Process
Administrative Law and Regulation
Criminal Justice and Procedure
Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties
Law & Society
The U.S. Supreme Court
Additional Political Science Courses
Two additional courses from any one of categories 1-4
POL XXXCourses from Categories 1-46
Elective Courses
POL 2XXPolitical Science Course 200 level or above3
Total Credits37
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