Culinology, BS

Math and Science Courses
BIOL 303Microbiology3
BIOL 377Principles of Nutrition3
CHEM 122Introductory Organic/Biochemistry3
CHEM 122LIntroduction to Organic/Biochemistry Lab1
MATH 200Introduction to Statistics3
Culinology Core Courses
ACCT 211Principles of Accounting I3
CULG 100Introduction to Culinology1
CULG 200Culinary Arts Fundamentals4
CULG 210Advanced Culinary Arts4
CULG 310Introduction to Food Science3
CULG 360Food Sensory Analysis3
CULG 390Food Products Development I3
CULG 410Food Chemistry and Analysis3
CULG 430Unit Operations in Food Processing3
CULG 440Food Legislation and Regulation3
CULG 450Technical & Functional Ingredients in Food3
CULG 480Food Quality and Safety3
CULG 490Food Product Development II3
CULG 498Internship1-9
CULG 499Internship1-9
Hospitality Courses
HOSP 120Food Sanitation and Safety1
HOSP 205Hospitality Purchasing3
HOSP 301Restaurant Food Operations2
HOSP 301LRestaurant Food Operations Lab3
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Baking & Pastry
International Cuisine
Beverage Management
Total Credits66-82
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