A-004 Academic Program Planning and Review

Code: A-004
Date: November 13, 2002
Approved by: David C. Danahar
Revised: March 24, 2014
Approved by: Connie J. Gores
Date Effective: March 24, 2014 

Southwest Minnesota State University


Academic Program Planning and Review

The purpose of conducting reviews of academic programs is to ensure that each unit’s activities contribute to and are consistent with the mission of the University. The objectives of program review are three-fold:

  • Internal to the Department
    • To identify areas of strength
    • To improve academic programs
    • To improve the quality of the learning experience
    • To promote excellence in teaching
    • To promote excellence in research and scholarship
    • To promote excellence in service to society
    • To provide internal accountability
  • Internal to the University
    • To provide internal accountability
    • To assist University decision making and planning
  • External to the University
    • To provide appropriate performance measures and standards in areas of academic activity
    • To provide external accountability to accrediting bodies, MnSCU, and the State

The three elements of the program review process include annual collection of data with a self-study and external consultant every five years.

  • The annual process includes the programmatic collection of data from the Office of Institutional Research and Reporting, the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration and other offices on campus in the following program areas: demographics, enrollment, measurable outcomes, effectiveness, and fiscal resources.
  • The actual periodic review is held on a five-year cycle with exceptions provided for external agency timelines. The review process includes a programmatic self-study that incorporates student input and external consultant evaluation.
  • An extension can be granted in the Program Review Process by the Dean upon request.

Upon completion of the self-study and the external consultant’s report, and in consultation with the Dean, the academic program faculty proposes a plan for the next five years, incorporating the evidence obtained in the self-study and consultant’s evaluation. This plan will be forwarded to the Provost for appropriate inclusion in the University’s strategic plan.

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