F-001.2 Establishing the Committee on Student Activity Fee Allocations

Code: F-001.2
Date: June 1, 1977
Approved: C. Tisinger
Revised: December 16, 2002
Approved: David C. Danahar

Southwest Minnesota State University


Establishing the Committee on Student Activity Fee Allocations

  1. The membership of the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee appointed by the SMSU Student Association will consist of:
    • Two on-campus students
    • Two off-campus students
    • One part-time student or non-traditional student
    • Four students at-large
    The voting chairperson appointed by the SAFAC Committee from within the Committee is to be the communication link with the Student Association.

    Any four of the above may be two-year members, and the following years four out of the five candidates must run as two-year members.

    If any member resigns, the new member will be appointed by the Student Senate to fill the empty position.

    The President of the University will assign, in consultation with the Student Activity Fee Allocation committee, administrative staff as non-voting resource persons for the Committee.
  2. The SAFAC will be charged with:
    1. Reporting Student Activity Fee Allocations to the Student Senate annually and then submitting the recommendations of SAFAC and the Student Senate to the President.
    2. Consultation with the Senate Committee on Student Fee Procedures in reviewing the fee rate structure for the collection of student fees at SMSU.
    3. The Committee shall have its allocation report to the Student Senate by May 1 of the fiscal year preceding the fiscal year for which the allocation recommendation is being made.

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