P-008 Official Transcript Requirement for Employment

Code: P-008
Date: February 1998
Approved: Doug Sweetland

Southwest Minnesota State University


Official Transcript Requirement for Employment

General Information

For all positions that require the completion of a College/University degree to gain employment, the employee/prospective employee must provide an official transcript. The transcript will be used to confirm that the degree was conferred. The transcript shall, at a minimum, be from the institution that granted the degree that qualifies the applicant for a position.


  1. During the search process, the Director of Affirmative Action or his/her designee will inform search committees that an official transcript is required for those positions requiring a College/University degree. This requirement will also be listed in the search committee guidelines document. The search committee will make every effort to make certain all applicants are aware of this requirement.
  2. Other than emergency hires, the individual chosen to be hired must provide an official transcript prior to employment commencing.
  3. In the case of emergency hires, the individual will be informed by the appointing authority that a transcript is required and must be received by the Office of Human Resources within one month from the date of employment.
  4. In rare cases, extenuating and unusual circumstances will be reviewed by the Director of Human Resources and appropriate modifications to time lines may be made.
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