A-047 Minor Policy

Code: A-047
Date: February 2013
Approved: Ronald A. Wood
Revised: March 2015
Approved: Connie J. Gores

Southwest Minnesota State University


Minor Policy

In order for a minor to be awarded the following conditions must be met:

  1. Requirements for an SMSU Degree.
  2. Requirements for an SMSU approved Minor.
  3. Students may not apply to have a minor in the exact same academic area as their major. The Minor must have different academic content than the Major or Majors awarded.
  4. A minimum of 9 credits toward a Minor must be earned from SMSU regardless of how many credits may have been transferred into SMSU.
Note: While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, SMSU reserves the right to correct any clerical errors herein. Also, you can submit feedback.