Auditing Courses

(SMSU Policy A-031)

  1. A student who wishes to audit or attend a course without seeking credit must register for the course, and pay full tuition and fees. Senior Citizens, who have reached the age of 62 years, can audit courses at no charge, and have all fees, except personal property and service charges or the fees charged only to that course, waived.
  2. A student may declare the intent to audit a course by submitting a Course Audit form signed by the instructor within the first ten class days of a semester or by notifying the instructor at the time of registration in an evening class, workshop, or off-campus course. The instructor has the right to approve or disapprove the request to audit.
  3. To audit a course, the student shall attend class sessions. Other requirements are at the discretion of the instructor.
  4. A student may not receive credit for auditing a course except by re-enrollment for credit and successful completion of the course in a subsequent semester. Audited courses cannot be counted toward graduation.
  5. An entry of “AU” is made on the student permanent academic record when a course is audited.
  6. Audited courses do not apply to course load requirements for those students receiving G.I. Bill or War Orphan benefits.
Note: While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, SMSU reserves the right to correct any clerical errors herein. Also, you can submit feedback.