Justice Administration, BS

Justice Administration Core Curriculum
JUAD 144Introduction to Justice & Society3
JUAD 240Law Enforcement & Community Policing3
JUAD 242Correction Systems3
JUAD 304Victimology3
JUAD 338Youth & Crime3
JUAD 398Pro-Seminar4
JUAD 399Criminal Procedure3
JUAD 442Court, Police, and Corrections Management3
JUAD 450Advanced Criminal Law3
JUAD 498Senior Seminar in Justice Administration3
JUAD 370Criminology3
or SOCI 370 Criminology
PHIL 103Ethics3
or PHIL 303 Ethical Issues in Professional Life
Select 12 credits of the following: 112
Argumentation and Debate
Introduction to ArcGIS
Crisis Intervention: Youth Mental Health
Restorative Justice Circle Process
Resolving Conflicts in Workplace Settings
Introduction to Security
Special Topics
Women and Justice
Corporate & White Collar Crime
Organized Crime
Rehabilitation & Prevention
Special Topics
Field Experience/Internship
Management Principles
Conflict Resolution
The Judicial Process
Criminal Justice and Procedure
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Lab
Abnormal Psychology
Behavior Modification
Sociology of Deviant Behavior
Applied Social Research
Substance Abuse & Other Addictive Behaviors
Basic Interviewing Skills
Total Credits49

At least six credits must be JUAD.

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