A-028 Faculty Emeritix Status

Code: A-028
Date: February 13, 1980
Approved: Jon Wefald
Revised: June 20, 1980
Approved: Jon Wefald
Revised: January 14, 2004
Approved: David C. Danahar
Revised: February 18, 2020
Approved: Kumara Jayasuriya

Southwest Minnesota State University


Faculty Emeritx Status

  1. Emeritx is an honorary title granted upon retirement, recognizing the person’s previously held position at the institution.
  2. A faculty member shall be considered for emeritx status within six months before or one year after the effective date of full retirement.
  3. To be eligible, the faculty member must have a record of distinguished academic service to the University.
  4. The faculty member must have a minimum of ten years of service to SMSU to be eligible for emeritx status.
  5. Nominations for emeritx status must originate from the faculty. Nominations will be taken from the floor at a meeting of the Faculty Assembly. At a later meeting of the Faculty Assembly, there will be time for discussion of the nominees followed by a secret ballot. Nominees receiving a simple majority of those voting will be recommended to SMSU administration for emeritx status.
  6. The names of those faculty recommended for emeritx status shall be sent to the Office of Academic Affairs for forwarding to the President. Conferring of emeritx status shall be done by the President or the President’s designee.
  7. Privileges of emeritx status at the University shall include access to the University library, free admission to University-sponsored events, and utilization of a shared office space.
  8. Faculty granted emeritx status may request an emeritx privilege card that can be used for ease of access to the University library and free admission to University-sponsored events.
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