G-019 Parking and Traffic Regulations

Code: G-019
Date: May 20, 1981
Approved: Jon Wefald
Revised: February 24, 2003
Approved: David C. Danahar

Southwest Minnesota State University


Parking and Traffic Regulations

Objectives and Authority

  1. These regulations provide for the allocation of the University parking areas. At the same time attention has been given to the appearance of the area in and around the University. Furthermore, these regulations ensure lawful traffic movement with a minimum of disturbance, protection of pedestrians, and ready access for all emergency vehicles.
  2. Minnesota Statute 1980, Section 169.966 subd. 7 authorize Southwest Minnesota State University to establish parking and traffic regulations. The State University Board originally adopted such regulations, pursuant to Minnesota Statues, Section 169.966 (1967) on November 24, 1969, which became effective November 26, 1969. The regulations herein are amendments to the original regulations.
  3. The University reserves the right to waive citations that have been issued.

Vehicle Registration for Vehicles Parked on University Campus General Information

  1. All administrators, faculty, staff, students and other persons employed by agencies or organizations housed on the University campus shall register any motor vehicle operated in the area under control of the University. Those individuals wishing to park in a designated University parking area shall have a parking permit affixed to their vehicle.
  2. Vehicles, which are clearly marked as State owned vehicles do not require parking permits of any type.
  3. Clearly marked service vehicles, which are making service stops on the campus, are not required to affix permits. Unmarked service vehicles making frequent visits may be issued a complimentary Parking Permit on the authority of the University Public Safety and Information Desk.
  4. Parking Permits must be clearly affixed to the front lower left windshield and all numbers are to be visible.
  5. Parking Permits shall be displayed on student vehicles within ten (10) instructional days following the fall academic semester registration day. Late registrants or students registering for the winter or spring semester shall display a permit on their vehicle within three (3) days after the first day of class. Vehicles not identified by a Parking Permit shall not be parked in the University parking lots.
  6. Administrators, faculty, staff, and all other University employees in addition to employees of all agencies or organizations housed on the University campus shall display Parking Permits on their vehicles within ten (10) instructional days following fall semester registration day.
  7. Vehicles must be registered each year from the beginning of the fall semester through spring semester.
  8. Failure to comply with any of the above paragraphs shall constitute a violation of the Parking and Traffic Regulations. The absence of a Parking Permit may result in the immobilization of the vehicle.

Registration Procedure and Parking Fee

  1. Administrators, faculty, staff, and other persons employed by agencies or organizations housed on the University campus shall register and receive their Parking Permits from the Office of Business Services located in the Individualized Learning Building.
  2. Students must complete a vehicle Registration Form during semester academic registration to have a Parking Permit issued to them. Three temporary permits may be granted for five (5) days with one renewal for students using a family vehicle on a short-term basis.
  3. Students and/or employees requiring Restricted Parking Permits for the handicapped parking areas shall have signed approval on the Vehicle Registration Card from Rehabilitation Services.
  4. An annual rate for University parking permits will be established. The parking fee will be estimated at an amount necessary to service and maintain the University parking facilities. All persons registering vehicles will pay the same fee. Refunds will be made if the permit is returned to the Department of Public Safety.
    1. Fall Semester: 100% Refund if returned by the 10th instructional day. After the 10th instructional fee only the spring semester fee will be returned.
    2. Spring Semester: 100% of spring semester price of permit is returned if the permit is returned by the 10th instructional day. After the 10th instructional day there is no refund.
    The receipts from the parking fees shall be used to service and maintain the University parking facilities. Examples of the types of expenditures from fee receipts include resurfacing of lots, signs, snow removal, replacement of damaged light fixtures and associated maintenance. The receipts from parking fees shall be maintained in a service activity account under the control of the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

Visitor Parking Permits

  1. The Information Desk in Founders Hall serves as the general focal point for visitors to the campus. Visitor Parking Permits shall be issued for a one-day period only. If the visitor is attending an activity, which is listed on the SMSU Scheduling Office daily schedule, which is of longer duration than one (1) day the permit shall be issued for the duration of the activity. These permits are non-renewable.
  2. For those offices, departments, etc. which schedule meetings or other activities on the campus, a specific number of Visitor Parking Permits may be obtained from the SMSU Scheduling Office to mail in advance to participants. It is the responsibility of the office sponsoring an activity to advise its participants of the need to obtain a Visitor Parking Permit upon entering the campus. (However, in the event the sponsoring office fails to notify participants, that office is not responsible for the payment of tickets or towing charges received by participants. The payment of such fines remains the responsibility of the visitor receiving the parking violation.) The Information Desk in Founders Hall shall not issue permits on a group basis. It is strongly advised that the need for Visitor Parking Permits for groups be discussed in advance with the Scheduling Office.
  3. Visitor Parking Permits, which may be requested on a special basis for an extended period of time, shall be obtained from the SMSU Scheduling Office. Those individuals who visit the campus frequently may find it more convenient to purchase a yearly parking permit for their vehicles.
  4. Only Visitor Parking Permits with current authorized signatures shall be recognized.
  5. Visitor Parking Permits are not required after 4:30 p.m. or on non-class days. However, Restricted Parking areas in all lots are in effect at all times.

University Classification of Vehicle Parking Permits

  1. University Parking Permits shall be issued to all faculty, staff, and students and other individuals who are employed by agencies or organizations housed on the University campus.
  2. The University of Public Safety will issue restricted Parking Permits.
  3. Restricted Parking Permits for handicapped persons shall be issued upon approval by SMSU Rehabilitation Services. Guest vehicles displaying the state handicapped permit will not be allowed to utilize designated handicap parking areas without a SMSU Visitor Pass.
  4. Visitor Parking Permits shall be issued to guests and visitors to the campus. The permit is available free of charge.

University and City Parking Areas

  1. The University parking area is that generally north of the east-west portion of State Street and west of the north-south portion of State Street.
  2. Visitor parking is that area so designated on the east-west street directly east of Founders Hall. Visitors may also park in A, B, and C lots. Visitors parking in the above areas shall obtain a Visitor Parking Permit.
  3. Parking is prohibited on all of State Street, Stadium Drive, and Mustang Trail from the hours of 1:00 am to 7:00 am.
  4. Building Service Areas and Campus Walkways: The purpose of the service areas is for deliveries and/or service to the campus facilities. Parking in these areas is limited to service vehicles and other vehicles which have been approved to the use of service areas.
  5. Driving and parking of unauthorized, 4-wheel, motorized vehicles on campus walkways is prohibited.

Motorcycle Parking

  1. Motorcycle parking areas near the Residence Halls are those areas so designated by Commons East, Commons West, and Commons Central. In order to park in these areas, motorcyclists are to use the shortest access route from State Street to the Commons parking area.
  2. Motorcycles may be parked in any of the University parking lots. There is also a designated motorcycle parking area in the lot directly east of the Central Academic Building and north of the Fine Arts Building.

Enforcement, Liability, and Schedule of Violation Penalties


  1. The University Public Safety shall be responsible for seeing that campus parking and traffic regulations are enforced.
  2. The fact that a person parks in violation of any law, ordinance, or regulation and does not receive a citation does not mean that the law, ordinance, or regulation is no longer in effect.


  1. The person in whose name the vehicle is registered, or if the vehicle is not properly registered – the person who has legal custody of the vehicle, shall be held liable for all violations attached to the vehicle and is subject to any and all fines or disciplinary action resulting from the violations.

Schedule of Violation Penalties

  1. Failure to register a vehicle: Individuals will be fined for these violations. Repeated violations shall result in the impounding of the vehicle until it is properly registered and all towing and storage charges are satisfied.
  2. Failure to display or display properly, the Vehicle Parking Permit: Individuals will be fined for this violation. Repeated violations shall result in the impounding of the vehicle until the Parking Permit is properly affixed to the vehicle and all towing and storage charges are satisfied.
  3. Payment of Fines: University Public Safety shall be responsible for the collections of all traffic and parking fines on the campus. All fines can be paid at the Cashier’s Office located in the Individualized Learning Building or may be paid by depositing the fine in a courtesy box located inside the south main entrance to the Bellows Academic Building or the lobby in Founder Hall.
  4. The fee for vehicles improperly parked is the same as that adopted by the City of Marshall. Improperly parked vehicles may be towed and impounded. Any towing or impounding charges are to paid at the owner or registrant’s expense.
  5. Information regarding fines and payment may be obtained by calling, or writing University Public Safety or Business Services.
Note: While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, SMSU reserves the right to correct any clerical errors herein. Also, you can submit feedback.