Biology, BA

Required Courses
BIOL 200Introduction to Cellular Biology3
BIOL 200LIntroduction to Cellular Biology Lab1
BIOL 201Introduction to Biodiversity & Evolution3
BIOL 201LIntroduction to Biodiversity & Evolution Lab1
BIOL 287Sophomore Biology Seminar1
BIOL 321Genetics3
BIOL 321LGenetics Lab1
BIOL 487Senior Biology Seminar 11
CHEM 231General Chemistry I3
CHEM 231LGeneral Chemistry I Lab1
CHEM 232General Chemistry II3
CHEM 232LGeneral Chemistry II Lab2
Select one statistics sequence: 24
Introduction to Statistics
Statistical Software
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Lab
Restricted Electives
Plant Block
Select one course with lab:4
Botany Lab
Plant Diversity
Plant Diversity Lab
Organismal Block
Select one course with lab:4
Microbiology Lab
Invertebrate Zoology
Invertebrate Zoology Laboratory
Natural History of Vertebrates
Natural History of Vertebrates Lab
Ornithology Laboratory
Ecology/Field Block
Select one course with lab:4
Ecology Lab
Animal Behavior
Animal Behavior Lab
Insect Ecology & Diversity
Insect Ecology & Diversity Lab
Wetland Ecology
Wetland Ecology Lab
Limnology Lab
Cellular/Molecular Block
Select one of the following:3-4
Principles of Nutrition
Advanced Cell Biology
Biochemistry 3
Biochemistry Lab
Total Credits42-43

Students must earn a grade of C- or better in BIOL 487 Senior Biology Seminar (1 cr.).


Choose the course sequence of a lecture and lab for statistics in either MATH or PSYC.


If taking CHEM 373 Biochemistry (3 cr.), the 1 credit lab is recommended. 

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