A-054 Adult Education Professional Development

Code: A-054
Date: April 20, 2015
Approved: Connie J. Gores

Southwest Minnesota State University

Adult Education Professional Development


Description of Professional Development Courses

Professional development courses at the graduate level are offered under the Adult Education (AE) prefix in the course catalog and Schedule of Classes (Adult Education). AE classes can carry graduate credit but cannot be applied toward a graduate degree

Timelines for Course Offerings

  1. Courses under the AE Professional Development listing are not bound by the normal semester time frames.
  2. The beginning and end dates can be set by the instructor on the Revenue Generation Form and may not be changed without supporting documentation approval of the Dean of Business, Education and Professional Studies (BEPS) prior to the start of the course.  
  3. The determination of whether a course will be offered will be made by the BEPS Dean and will be based on the no/go date on the revenue generation form.  

Registration for Courses

  1. Students register for AE courses online using Regi/Lumens.    
  2. Students are required to pay for the course at the time of registration.
    Payments will be refunded for courses that are cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.

Financial Aid

Since these courses are not applied toward a degree, no financial aid is available to cover the cost of the courses.


Courses taken under the AE Professional Development option will be listed on the student’s transcript. Official copies of the transcript for documentation purposes can be ordered through SMSU’s Registration Office for a fee at

Tuition Rates

  1. Tuition rates will be set by administration in consultation with the applicable department.
  2. Courses taught off-site may have a higher rate, depending on costs for that site.


Persons offering professional development courses through SMSU need to be approved as faculty or adjunct faculty members at SMSU. The courses can be co-taught with existing faculty members.

Faculty Salary

Faculty teaching graduate professional development courses will receive the contractual dollar amount per credit as per IFO Master Agreement MNSCU Article 10, Section A, Subd. 6, and Article 10, Section A, Subd. 4. It should be noted that graduate professional development courses are not part of a faculty member’s normal teaching load.

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