International Programs/Study Abroad

SMSU students are encouraged to undertake study and travel in other countries. Students who have never considered foreign study to be financially possible may find that by planning well in advance, saving regularly and arranging to apply on-campus financial aids or loans, they can cover the costs of a term of study abroad. Special scholarship aid is rarely available for foreign study. However, if a student joins an overseas program for credit sponsored by one of the Minnesota State universities, his/her existing financial aid can apply overseas (except work-study).

Through the Common Market plan, SMSU students may apply to join overseas programs of other Minnesota State universities. St. Cloud State University and Minnesota State University, Mankato, for example, have study programs in many other countries.

Independent study abroad for credit is also possible under an arrangement approved by the SMSU faculty. The student makes written agreements in advance with the departments from which credit is desired, spelling out in detail the activities to be undertaken abroad. Reporting and/or testing will be required when the student returns to campus.

Groups of students with a common interest, (for example, in music, art, social science or foreign language) can receive help in organizing a group study tour. Such projects are most likely to be successful when planned in conjunction with a faculty member who has experience and contacts in the country or countries to be visited. Groups of SMSU students studying French have visited France, staying with families there.

Students can obtain more information about studying abroad by contacting the SMSU International Student Office at

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