History, Minor

Required Course
Select one course from two of the following groups:6
Group A
Contemporary World History
Group B
Early America: History of the U.S. from the Colonial Era to the Civil War
Modern America: History of the U.S. from 1865 to the Present
Group C
Early Europe
Modern Europe
Select one elective from each category:9
Non-Western History
Environmental History
World in War & Crisis: 1895-1949
World in War and Crisis: 1949-Today
Modern Latin America
Mexico & Central America
U.S.-Latin American Relations
Contemporary Hispanic World to 1955
Contemporary Hispanic World, 1955-Today
Atlantic World to 1830
History of Cuba
World War Two
Origins of Islamic Civilization
War and Peace in the Middle East
European History
Rome: from Republic to Empire
Germany: The Road to Tyranny
History of Russia
History of England
United States History
U.S. Since 1945
The Vietnam Wars, 1945-1975
American Revolution and the Early Republic, 1763-1816
Growing Up in America
Civil War & Reconstruction
African-American History:1500 to the Present
American Womens History
History of Social Welfare in the U.S.
The Examined Life: American History through Autobiography
Minnesota History
Total Credits15

Note: Students minoring in history are strongly encouraged to devote themselves seriously to the study of a foreign language.

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