A-029.1 Advanced Deposit Procedure for International Students

Code: A-029.1
Date: July 19, 1984
Approved: Robert L. Carothers
Revised: December 14, 2002
Approved: David C. Danahar

Southwest Minnesota State University


Advanced Deposit Procedure for International Students

  1. This procedure will apply to students from countries where the economic or political situation makes it difficult to obtain funds once they are in the United States. The list of countries may change as economic and political change.
  2. The intent of this procedure is to make possible compliance with existing United States immigration policies in which SMSU certifies that each international student has sufficient sources of income to pursue a full course of study without unauthorized employment or reliance on public assistance.
  3. Students from countries identified through this procedure must deposit with the SMSU Business Office, an amount of money that will be determined on the basis of estimated costs (subject to change each year) before they can be accepted and sent an I-20 immigration form.

    Estimated costs will include tuition and fees for one year, including summer session, housing and meals from residence halls and food service program, books and supplies, health insurance, medical and dental expenses, personal miscellaneous expenses, and housing and meals during vacation periods when residence halls and food service are closed.
  4. All advance deposits will be submitted to the SMSU Business Office and will be processed by the office. The deposits will be placed in an interest-bearing account. This will be done upon receipt of the check for the beginning of the semester in which the student is first registered. Regardless of the semester of matriculation, the student must have the required deposit in the account at the beginning of each fall semester for the entire year.
  5. When the student arrives on campus and registers, the SMSU Business Office will retain in the account tuition and fees for one academic year, along with estimated room and board costs for one academic year if the student is living on campus. If the student elects to live off campus, only tuition and fees will be retained. Monies retained will be used to pay the student’s obligations to SMSU as they occur during the year. At the end of the academic year, any balance will be refunded to the student along with any accumulated interest. The student may elect to retain any balance in the account toward the required deposit for the next year.

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