Accounting Emphasis (150 SH) Certificate

Select one of the Group A or Group B Electives not taken in Accounting Major 3
Group A:
International Business & Economics
International Politics
Public Policy & Administration
Group B:
Small Group Communication
Professional Presentations
Business Communications
Scientific & Technical Writing
COMM 300+
Any upper-division Communications course
Select two of the following Group C Electives:6
Business Law II: Commercial and Financial Law
Money and Banking
Insurance and Risk Management
Real Estate
Corporate Finance I
Labor Relations
Human Resource Management
Organizational Behavior and Theory
Business Policy
Principles of Marketing
Select three of the following Accounting Electives:9
Accounting for Government & Not-For-Profit Entities
Cost Accounting II
Microcomputers in Accounting
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
Essentials of Forensic Accounting
Forensic Analytics I: Methods and Techniques for Forensic Investigation
Forensic Analytics II: Methods and Techniques for Forensic Investigation
Federal Tax II
Select 12 credits from any subject12
Total Credits30
  1. Bachelor of Science degree with an Accounting Major (120 Credits)
  2. An additional nine (9) credits of Accounting electives selected from the above listed major courses (9 Credits)
    • Notes: ACCT 499 Internship in Accounting (3-9 cr.) may count for up to 6 credits of the 9 required.
  3. One additional course from Group A or B (Listed under B.S. Accounting requirements) (3 Credits)
  4. An additional 6 credits selected from Group C (Listed under B.S. Accounting requirements) (6 Credits)
  5. 12 credits of open electives (additional internship credits do not count) (12 Credits)
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