Educational Studies, BS (Non-Licensure)

Note: Educational Studies (non-licensure) major cannot be awarded if you are also completing a major that leads to licensure.

Core Required Courses
ED 101Introduction to Education and Lab3
ED 102Technology:Classroom Applications & Portfolio2
SPED 290Introduction to Special Needs and Lab3
SPED 460Positive Behavior Support in Special Education3
or ED 423 Classroom Management Theories and Practices & LAB
or SPED 423 Positive Classroom & Behavior Mgmt Strategies for SPED Classroom & Lab
TESL 431Foundations of Teaching ESL & Lab3
ED 251Introduction to Child Growth & Development3
or PSYC 341 Child & Adolescent Psychology
ED 312Human Relations for Teachers3
or SOCI 331 Racial & Ethnic Relations
ED 461Educational Studies Practicum3-12
Select one emphasis15-19
Early Childhood Emphasis (19 Credits)
Foundations: Parent-Child Relationships
Play & Creative Activities & Lab
Curriculum, Methods, & Assessments in Early Childhood & Lab
Infants and Toddlers
Childrens Literature
First Aid and Safety/CPR
Wellness, Safety, & Nutrition from Birth to Grade 3
Food Sanitation and Safety
School-Age Recreation Emphasis (18-19 Credits)
First Aid and Safety/CPR
Wellness, Safety, & Nutrition from Birth to Grade 3
Alcohol, Narcotics, & Tobacco
Introduction to Health and Physical Education
Lifetime Activities I
Lifetime Activities II
Recreational Sports & Games
Introduction to Recreation, Parks, and Community Education
Recreation Program Planning
Youth-at-Risk Emphasis (19 Credits)
Marriage and the Family
Social Problems
Gender Issues
Family & Intimate Partner Violence
Select six credits of the following:
Restorative Justice Circle Process
Youth & Crime
Rehabilitation & Prevention
Select three credits of the following:
Mental Health Topics
Positive Psychology
Mental Health Topics Applied
Elementary Education Emphasis (15 Credits)
Mathematics for Elementary Education
Kindergarten Methods & LAB
Childrens Literature
Teaching Music in Elementary Schools
Art Education/Elementary
Elementary School Health Education
Elementary School Physical Education
Total Credits38-51
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