Music Education, BS

Specializations and Licensures

  1. Vocal Music & Classroom K-12
  2. Instrumental Music & Classroom K-12

Because of the frequently changing state requirements in the field of education, please note the following: While you are assured of being able to graduate by fulfilling the requirements listed in the catalog when the major is declared, the latest requirements at the time of graduation must be fulfilled for teacher certification in Minnesota.

Core Requirements in Music
MUS 101Survey of World Music3
MUS 110Public Performance Studies 10
MUS 140Guitar Proficiency Class1
MUS 170Foundations of Aural Theory2
MUS 172Music Theory I3
MUS 174Music Theory II2
MUS 174LMusic Theory Lab II1
MUS 260Piano Competency, Major Level0
MUS 272Music Theory III2
MUS 272LMusic Theory Lab III1
MUS 274Chromatic, Post-Tonal, & 20th Century Theory2
MUS 274LChromatic, Post-Tonal, & 20th Century Theory Lab1
MUS 366Conducting2
MUS 370Form and Analysis2
MUS 377Orchestration & Choral Arranging2
MUS 381Music History: Medieval through Baroque3
MUS 382Music History: Classic-20th Century3
MUS 392Elementary School Music Methods and Materials2
MUS 393Secondary Ensemble & Classroom Methods3
Select one of the following Specializations:33
Instrumental Music and Classroom Music K-12 2
Secondary Lessons
Primary Lessons
Junior Proficiency Exam, Instrumental
Junior Proficiency Exam, Keyboard
Instrumental Methods
Primary Lessons
Advanced Instrumental Methods
Vocal Pedagogy 3
Applied Instrumental Conducting
Senior Instrumental Recital
Major Ensembles 4
Jazz Band 5
Symphonic Chamber Winds
Southwest Minnesota Orchestra
Vocal Music and Classroom Music K-12 2
Junior Proficiency Exam, Vocal
Instrumental Methods
Vocal Pedagogy
Vocal Diction for Singers
Choral and Vocal Literature
Applied Choral Conducting
Senior Vocal Recital
Applied Voice, Lower Division
Applied Voice, Upper Division
Applied Piano, Lower Division 6
Chorale 7
Professional Education Requirements
All music education majors must also complete a series of professional education courses in order to graduate and qualify for licensure in Minnesota. 8
Total Credits68

Students are required to enroll and pass 7 semesters.


Lessons must be taken concurrently with Senior Recital.


At least one semester of choral ensemble or applied voice must be completed as a prerequisite.


Degree candidates need 6 credits of major ensemble for graduation but are also required to be in a major ensemble every semester while at SMSU.


At least two semesters are required.


Must be completed after passing MUS 260 Piano Competency, Major Level (0 cr.).


MUS 355 Chorale (0-2 cr.) & MUS 352 Vocal Ensemble (0-2 cr.) must be taken every semester except when student teaching.


Please see Secondary Education Majors: K-12 Licensure in the Education portion of the Academic Catalog. Students should also examine the policies outlined in this part of the catalog for Application to Teacher Education Program, Student Teaching, Graduation Requirement, and Additional Information.

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