Student Government

Active student involvement in Student Governance is an integral part of the University’s governance. A well-defined constituency and clear authority for this constituency adds to the success and importance of representing student issues.

Student Association

SC 231, (507) 537-6140

The Student Association is composed of every student enrolled for classes at Southwest Minnesota State University. Along with other collective bargaining groups, the Student Association strives to improve life for SMSU students. The Student Association has been recognized by the University and by the MinnState Board as the primary student government group at Southwest Minnesota State University. Elected representatives of the student body serve as the members of the Student Senate and as officers for the Student Association. The Student Association is composed of four areas.

Student Association Senate

​The Student Senate is responsible for student governance at SMSU and includes the following areas:

  1. The Senate reviews the recommendations of the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) regarding student activity fee allocations.
  2. Appoints students to University committees.
  3. Provides input in curriculum matters (including general education requirements, academic calendar, academic grievance procedures, and the hiring of faculty and staff members).
  4. Represents student views to the SMSU administration, MnSCU Board, and State Legislature.
  5. Appoints a representative from SMSU to the Minnesota State University Student Association.

    Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC): SAFAC consists of nine students at large, with up to three alternates.  SAFAC receives budget requests from SMSU recognized clubs and organizations and for projects/activities requiring spontaneous funding, and recommends to the President a percentage allocation of the total anticipated Student Activity Fee for those activities, and clubs or organizations. 

    Student Association Judicial Council

    This Council exists as a part of the University Judicial Affairs Program and provides a peer review judiciary option. In accordance with university judicial procedures and defined rights of due process, this Council meets to hear judicial referrals which allege that a named SMSU student  has violated or infringed upon the rights of another University Community member, has violated a University, state or federal regulation, or Code of Conduct.

    This Council also oversees all Student Association elections and referendums, reviews actions of the SA Senate, and rules on the constitutionality of Senate business.

    Student Association Public Relations

    The Public Relations Committee serves as a liaison between the Student Association, the University, and the community, coordinating the SMSU Bloodmobile Drive, publishing an Events Calendar, and promoting special activities, events, elections, etc.

    Student Association Treasurer

    The Treasurer is appointed by the Student Association President and provides accounting and financial record services for the Student Association and its committees.
  1. Student Activities Committee (SAC)

SAC serves as the primary programming body for SMSU, planning, coordinating, and evaluating programs and events in the areas of Issues, Films and Videos, Contemporary Music, Club Entertainment, Special Events, Novelty/Variety, Lively Arts, Recreation and Travel, and Public Relations. SAC, in conjunction with the University recognized clubs and organizations, serves as the primary programming group, and provides the focal core of a diverse university activities program.

2.  Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the representative body of all students living in the Residence Halls. It provides a means and channel for its members to voice their needs and concerns regarding those issues affecting the quality of life for on-campus students. RHA consists of representatives from each house and an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee includes the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are also four standing committee chairs: Publicity and Public Relations, Activities and Events, Damage Appeals and Campus Concerns, and Food Service. A major function of RHA is to act as a center of communications by coordinating activities and providing a communication line between individual houses and between those houses and Residence Life. If you would like more information on becoming a member of RHA, please contact your Resident Assistant.

3.  Student Center Governing Board
The Student Center Governing Board (SCGB) provides a communication channel between the Student Center and University and student concerns. It is composed of the SAC Coordinator and two appointees from SAC, the student body president, or their appointee and two appointees from the Student Association, one Student Center Manager, two staff members from Residence Life; and the Asst. Director of Student Center Operations, Assistant Director of Student Activities. 

Note: While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, SMSU reserves the right to correct any clerical errors herein. Also, you can submit feedback.