Agricultural Solutions (AGSO)

AGSO 215  Regenerative Grazing and Pasture Management  Credits: 2  

Students in this course will benefit from both experiential and theoretical learning opportunities as they examine the integration of crop and soil science, pasturage, plant breeding, climatology and integrated pest management disciplines. This course is an exciting chance to learn the principles of regenerative agriculture, and apply these ideas in a real-world pasture setting. Students will learn to evaluate and develop crop management strategies that make the most efficient use of natural resources such as manure, solar radiation, water, and soil, as well as other external inputs utilized for field crop management.

Spring: All Years  
AGSO 315  Plant and Soil Nutrition  Credits: 3  

This course builds on the foundation of crop science and soil science to further investigate the relationship between soil and crop plants. Students will review basic concepts of plant nutrition and soil characteristics in order for students to identify connections and the symbiotic benefits of each component. Topics covered also include soil and plant uptake, deficiencies, toxicities, causes and remedies, as well as plant and soil analysis methods.

Pre-Requisite : AGRO 132  
Spring: All Years  
AGSO 490  Agricultural and Rural Leadership Seminar  Credits: 3  

This course provides perspective on a variety of topics that impact agriculture and the community through a mix of lecture and field-based learning, panel discussions, guest speakers, readings and technology tools. Various topics including leadership theory and skills, personal development, agricultural and environmental issues, social issues, state and federal political processes and communication are discussed. This course is required for all Agricultural Solutions majors.

Fall: Department Discretion  Spring: Department Discretion  
AGSO 499  Internship Field Experience  Credits: 2  

The opportunity to pursue an internship is designed to supplement course materials with actual related work experience. Students are expected to integrate disciplinary knowledge into a real world setting. The student will submit weekly reports on work assignments as well as a report at the conclusion of the internship. This course is required for all Agricultural Solutions majors. Students are responsible for finding internship opportunities.

Fall: Department Discretion  Spring: Department Discretion  Summer Department Discretion  
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