A-024 Student Advisement

Code: A-024
Date: May 10, 1979
Approved: Jon Wefald
Revised: May 2002
Approved: David C. Danahar
Revised: March 24, 2014
Approved: Connie J. Gores
Date Effective: June 1, 2014

Southwest Minnesota State University


Student Advisement

All matriculated degree seeking students at Southwest Minnesota State University will be assigned an academic advisor from the faculty and will be presented with advisement opportunities on a semester basis. The advisor gives each advisee his/her access code prior to registration. The advisement program at Southwest Minnesota State University is predicated on the following basic assumptions:

  1. Students have the right and responsibility to make decisions about their own academic careers.
  2. Faculty are the best resources to assist students in developing their academic careers, and it is highly desirable to have students develop close working relationships with their academic advisors.
  3. An academic advisement program is based upon an accurate information flow which is established through appropriate administrative policies.
  4. The procedures are best implemented by the academic departments with the emphasis on each academic advisor maintaining ongoing personal contact with his/her advisees.

The above assumptions lead to the goal of advisement at Southwest Minnesota State University; that through the student advisement program, students should receive from a faculty advisor accurate academic information in a way which helps the student develop his/her academic program.

The following objectives, then, flow from this goal and relate to two categories of students.

  1. New freshmen and transfer students:
    1. Should be assigned an academic advisor upon matriculation to Southwest Minnesota State University.  
    2. Should initiate contact with their academic advisor early in their academic career and maintain regular contact with their academic advisor throughout each academic year.
  2. Matriculated returning students:
    1. Should have an advisor from their academic major(s).
    2. Should have a minimum of one advisement conference with their assigned academic advisor prior to registration for each semester.
    3. Should have a conference with their assigned academic advisor before their degree check and/or certification procedures.

The development of administrative procedures shall be the responsibility of the Office of Academic Affairs.

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