Writing Center

BA 527, 507-537-7294

The University Writing Center provides an opportunity for students to improve their writing skills. The student writing consultants offer tutoring for students who wish to discuss the drafting, revising, or editing of their written work. the staff will also offer students access to resources on documentation, explanatory worksheets on grammar and usage, and writing handbooks. The Writing Center services are free of charge to all SMSU students; the consultants can help students with any writing throughout their careers at SMSU.

Writing Center
BA 527

The Writing Center assists students with their writing assignments. The Center is open during each class day and is located on the fifth floor of the library in BA 527. When you come in for your Writing Center appointment, you will work with a Writing Consultant who will help you on an individual basis. Writing Consultants can work with you on any kind of paper for any class, and at any stage of the writing, whether you need help identifying a topic, organizing the ideas, learning how to cite appropriately, or using punctuation correctly. You are free to come in for help with a particular assignment, or you can work with the Writing Center staff on a continuing basis throughout the semester. The Center is easy to find, open class days, and staffed by friendly, fellow students. Use of the Center is free of charge and confidential unless a professor has required you to come to the Writing Center. If you have any writing difficulty, big or small, the Writing Center is here for you. Students wishing to use the Writing Center should make an appointment by using the Writing Center's Online Scheduler. The Scheduler can be found on the Writing Center's website: http://www.smsu.edu/CampusLife/WritingCenter

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