Sociology, BA

SOCI 313Self and Society3
SOCI 314Sociological Theory3
SOCI 315Applied Social Research3
SOCI 495Senior Capstone in Sociology3
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology3
or SOCI 220 Social Problems
PSYC 200Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences3
PSYC 200LStatistics for the Behavioral Sciences Lab1
Sociology Electives
SOCI 3XXSociology Courses numbered 300 or above12
SOCI XXXSociology Electives 16
Total Credits37

A maximum of three credits from SOCI 450 Individual Readings (1-3 cr.) and a maximum of three credits of SOCI 499 Field Experience/Internship (1-12 cr.) may be allowed as electives.

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