Physical Education, BS - Teaching

Physical Education Major Courses
EXSC 100Anatomical Kinesiology3
EXSC 100LAnatomical Kinesiology Lab1
EXSC 300Biomechanics of Human Motion3
EXSC 350Exercise Physiology3
EXSC 350LExercise Physiology Lab1
EXSC 400Motor Learning & Development2
HLTH 110First Aid and Safety/CPR2
PE 101Introduction to Health and Physical Education2
PE 108Technology in Physical Education2
PE 122Lifetime Activities I3
PE 123Lifetime Activities II3
PE 144Golf1
PE 156Adventure Ropes1
PE 220Curriculum and Instruction in Physical Education3
PE 387Rhythm and Dance Fundamentals2
PE 401K-12 Physical Education Methods & Lab3
PE 481Adapted Physical Education Methods & LAB3
Select one of the following Anatomy courses with corresponding lab:4
Physiological Anatomy for Non-science Majors
Physiological Anatomy for Non-science Majors Lab
Human Anatomy & Physiology I
Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
Health Course
HLTH 225Alcohol, Narcotics, & Tobacco2
Total Credits44

Bachelor of Science: Physical Education-Teaching Notes:

Requirement for Physical Education Majors:

By the end of the sophomore year, the student should get the application packet from the Education Department. The student must also fulfill the K-12 professional education requirements; please see the Education Department for current requirements.

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