MBA, Organizational Leadership Concentration

Master of Business Administration: MBA

Pre-requisite Courses 1
FIN 493Statistical Concepts & Terminology1
Required Courses
MBA 606Accounting for Managers3
MBA 607Strategic Marketing Management3
MBA 609Management of Production and Operations3
MBA 660Legal and Ethical Environment of Management3
MBA 670Financial Analysis3
MBA 681International Business & Leadership3
MBA 684Managerial Economics3
MBA 685Strategic Management and Policy3
II. Concentrations
Select one of the following Concentrations:12
General MBA Concentration
Hospitality Concentration
Organizational Leadership Concentration
Marketing Concentration
Healthcare Administration Concentration
Human Resource Management Concentration
Entrepreneurship Concentration
Cybersecurity Concentration
International Business Management
Total Credits37

The pre-requisite courses offer students whose undergraduate degrees are in non-business areas a foundation in business terminology. FIN 493 Statistical Concepts & Terminology (1 cr.) is a basic statistics course for those who have not completed a college-level statistics course.

MBA, Organizational Leadership Concentration

Notes: The organizational leadership concentration within the MBA degree provides students with knowledge of the key theories and concepts in this discipline, as well as hands-on applications and skills. This concentration prepares students to become leaders and facilitate teams within an organizational setting. Students will gain skills in understanding, predicting, and managing human behavior in organizations. The use of case studies and simulations, in particular, in the leadership concentration courses provides students with experience working in small groups and teams to accomplish a common goal.

Organizational Leadership Core
MBA 556Organization and Managerial Behavior and Theory3
MBA 560Leadership & Team Management3
MBA 652Organization Development & Change Management3
Select one of the following:3
Diversity Management
Interpersonal and Managerial Skills in Organizations
Human Resource Management
Negotiation & Mediation: Agreements in Law & Business
Technology Management
Seminar in Management Issues
Total Credits12
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