A-015 Honors Program

Code: A-015
Approved: Jon Wefald
Date: February 2, 1982
Revised: November 2001
Approved: David C. Danahar
Revised: April 2016
Approved: Connie J. Gores

Southwest Minnesota State University


Honors Program

The Honors Program at Southwest Minnesota State University offers qualified students from all disciplines enhanced opportunities to develop leadership skills, engaged critical thinking, and global consciousness. The Honors Program supports an undergraduate education through a rigorous and challenging curriculum with a focus on the individual student’s potential talents, interests, and abilities. Honors Program students are encouraged to design an academic plan that creates innovative experiences, exploration of diversity, interdisciplinary connections, and contributions to the community.

Students admitted to the Honors Program, in consultation with the Honors Program Director and the Honors Review Board, will design their own Liberal Education Program (LEP). In addition to their individualized LEP coursework and the coursework required for their major, Honors Program students will be required to successfully complete Honors Program courses and a senior dialogue.

Students successfully completing the Honors Program with an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or above will graduate from the Honors Program, and being an Honors Program graduate will be noted on their transcripts and at Commencement. Students who do not maintain the required academic standards for the Honors Program will not graduate from the Honors Program but will be graduated if all other Southwest Minnesota State University requirements for graduation have been met.

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