Philosophy, BA

Core Courses
PHIL 103Ethics3
PHIL 330History of Philosophy: Ethics3
PHIL 331History of Philosophy: Social & Political Philosophy3
PHIL 340Logic3
PHIL 432History of Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality4
Philosophy Electives
PHIL 3XXPhilosophy Courses numbered 300 or above6
PHIL XXXPhilosophy courses 19
Select one of the following:
One non-PHIL course may count as PHIL 3XX Course:
Origins of Islamic Civilization
Indigenous World View
One non-PHIL course may count as a PHIL XXX Course:
World Religions
Critical Approaches to Literature
Total Credits31

PHIL 286 Topics in Philosophy (1-4 cr.), PHIL 486 Topics in Philosophy (1-4 cr.)PHIL 386 Studies in Philosophy (3 cr.), and PHIL 494 Independent Study (1-4 cr.) may be repeated.

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