Health (HLTH)

HLTH 100  Personal Health & Wellness  Credits: 2  

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to take charge of their wellness-related behavior. The presentation of a multidimensional concept of wellness provides the student with the knowledge necessary for a lifestyle based on good choices and healthy behaviors which maximize the quality of life.

Fall: Department Discretion  Spring: All Years  Summer Department Discretion  
HLTH 110  First Aid and Safety/CPR  Credits: 2  

Trauma prevention study and medically approved application techniques of administering emergency care in case of trauma due to accidents or sudden illness.

Fall: All Years  Spring: All Years  Summer All Years  
HLTH 225  Alcohol, Narcotics, & Tobacco  Credits: 2  

This course is designed to introduce the student to pertinent topics associated with the area of drug use and abuse. The discussion and materials presented will focus on the physical, psychological, and sociological aspects of the subject.

Spring: All Years  
HLTH 290  Wellness, Safety, & Nutrition from Birth to Grade 3  Credits: 3  

This course is designed to provide the student with an overview of health, safety, and nutritional issues of the child from birth to grade three in preparation for a profession of working with children. The prenatal environment and its impact on the health of the individual will be given great emphasis.

Fall: All Years  Spring: All Years  
HLTH 292  Honors Credit in Health  Credits: 1-4  

An independent study course designed primarily for Honors Program students. This course allows more in-depth or comprehensive study or research by honors students.

HLTH 340  School Health and Human Sexuality  Credits: 3  

This course provides the student with an overview of the health educators role in the healthy development of youth and the Comprehensive School Health Program. Included is an examination of how to promote healthy choices to enhance health, safety, prevent injuries, and prevent alcohol/drug abuse. This course also provides an overview of the biological, sociological, environmental, and psychological issues related to the science of human sexuality. Addressed are principles for teaching sex education in this controversial area. Instructional goals, objectives, and strategies that are age appropriate for K-12 students of health education curriculum are included. Students plan health education lessons for use with a specific grade level.

HLTH 370  Community Health and Health Promotion  Credits: 3  

This course introduces the student to the concepts of community health and health promotion. Public health principles are applied to health promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention needs of learners, families, and communities. Epidemiology, health promotion, health agencies/organizations, organizing the community, populations, and the School Health Program are key areas of focus.

HLTH 491  Elementary School Health Education  Credits: 2  

The Elementary School Health Education course explores the science of health and art of teaching health. The course will focus on health content, with a special emphasis on drug education. The course will also focus on the development of social skills in the context of health education. Students will gain knowledge and understanding to formulate appropriate teaching strategies in order to promote healthy behavior and reduce risky behaviors of the elementary school student.

Pre-Requisite : ED 101 OR EDFN 201 and sophomore status.  
Fall: All Years  Spring: All Years  
HLTH 492  Organization and Application of Health Education: 5-12  Credits: 3  

This course explores the science of health and the application of the science in the classroom. The student will acquire knowledge in health content and social skills (goal setting, decision making, and interpersonal skills) in order to promote positive healthy behaviors in students of 5-12 level. Admission to Teacher Education program required.

HLTH 494  Independent Study  Credits: 1-4  

Independent study and research within the health and wellness area.

HLTH 496  Workshop in Health  Credits: 1-4  

To provide health credit for workshops in area.

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