Health Education, BS

Education Core
ED 101Introduction to Education and Lab3
ED 102Technology:Classroom Applications & Portfolio2
ED 301The Teaching & Learning Process & Lab3
ED 304Professional Development & Classroom Applications1
ED 430Reading in the Content Areas2
PSYC 341Child & Adolescent Psychology3
SOCI 331Racial & Ethnic Relations3
SPED 290Introduction to Special Needs and Lab3
Health Emphasis Courses
HLTH 100Personal Health & Wellness2
HLTH 110First Aid and Safety/CPR2
HLTH 225Alcohol, Narcotics, & Tobacco2
HLTH 340School Health and Human Sexuality3
HLTH 370Community Health and Health Promotion3
HLTH 492Organization and Application of Health Education: 5-123
PE 101Introduction to Health and Physical Education2
PE 108Technology in Physical Education2
PE 220Curriculum and Instruction in Physical Education3
Select one course and lab of the following:4
Physiological Anatomy for Non-science Majors
Physiological Anatomy for Non-science Majors Lab
Human Anatomy & Physiology I
Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
Total Credits46

Bachelor of Science: Health Education Notes:

Requirement for Health Education Majors:

By the end of the sophomore year, the student should get the application packet from the Education Department. The student must also fulfill the K-12 professional education requirements; please see the Education Department for current requirements.

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