Nursing, MSN - Nurse Educator

Core Courses
NURS 600Transitions to Graduate Nursing Practice3
NURS 620Holistic Nursing Approaches to Self-Care and Health Promotion3
NURS 624Advanced Health Assessment and Pathophysiology3
NURS 628Advanced Principles of Pharmacology3
NURS 630Advanced Global & Societal Health Nursing3
NURS 638Advanced Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Analysis in Nursing3
NURS 640Advanced Leadership and Continuous Quality Improvement3
Nurse Educator Specialization
NURS 650Education Theory and Practice for Nurse Educators3
NURS 654Instructional Technologies in the Nurse Educator Role3
NURS 658Culturally Responsive Teaching in Nursing Education3
NURS 660Curriculum Development, Assessment/Quality Improvement/Evaluation3
NURS 664Nurse Educator Capstone Project3
6XX or higher 13-4
Total Credits39-40

Elective credit must be graduate level at 600 or higher level, specific to the role of the nurse educator or nursing and approved by academic advisor or graduate director.

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