P-001.2 Selection of Unclassified Personnel (MnSCU Admin & Admin Serv Fac)

Code: P-001.2
Date: September 15, 1976
Approved: C. Tisinger
Revised: January 16, 2004
Approved: David C. Danahar

Southwest Minnesota State University

Administrative Procedure

Selection of Unclassified Personnel
(MnSCU Administrator and Administrative and Service Faculty)

The following procedures will be utilized in the selection of personnel to fill administrative vacancies:

  1. Approval to Fill Vacancy
    Before approval to fill a vacancy, all procedures of state personnel agencies must be completed. The Hiring Supervisor of the vacant position completes the “Faculty/Unclassified Hiring Authorization Form” that includes a position description and requirements of the specific position. The “Faculty/Unclassified Hiring Authorization Form” is submitted to the Provost or appropriate VP for approval, the VP for Finance and Administration for budgetary approval and to the President for approval to fill the vacant position.
  2. Affirmative Action and Advertising Procedures
    The President, Provost, Vice President, or Director of the area will clear the position description and procedures for vacancy advertising and recruitment with the Campus Affirmative Action Officer. Human Resources will coordinate distribution, internal and external advertising, and posting on bulletin boards.

    Procedures for recruitment and appointment include the following:
    1. Statement of compliance with local, state, and federal affirmative action requirements
    2. Plans for advertising the vacancy
    3. Beginning application review date
    4. Screening committee composition
    5. Procedures to be employed by the committee in the screening process
  3. Screening Committee: Composition and Responsibilities
    1. Membership
      1. Committee membership for positions in the Administrative and Service Faculty Unit will be determined by the President or designee and in accordance with the current bargaining union agreement. It may be drawn from among administrators, AASF members, IFO members, students, classified staff, and community representatives at large.
      2. Committee membership for positions excluded from the Administrative and Service Faculty Unit will be determined by the President and will include the following:    
        1. IFO Members
        2. Students
        3. Administrators
        4. AASF Members
        5. Classified Staff
          Additional members may be drawn from community representatives at large.
          Exception: Where the position of the President is to be filled, the committee will be appointed through the Office of the Chancellor.
      3. Women and minorities must be represented whenever possible.
      4. The President or his/her designee will appoint the Chairperson.  
    2. Responsibilities
      1. At the beginning of the screening process for a position, the Committee will be briefed on appropriate records and interview procedures by the Affirmative Action Officer.
      2. The Committee will screen applications using an evaluation/screening form and develop a mutually agreeable ranking of the semi-finalists, maintaining a record showing the reason(s) for the committee’s action in each case.
      3. After review and approval of the selection of semi-finalists by the Affirmative Action Officer, the committee will conduct telephone interviews and reference checks.
      4. The committee will review results of the telephone interviews and reference checks of the semi-finalists and will recommend up to three candidates for campus interviews to the hiring supervisor or his/her designee.
      5. The Committee Chairperson, after consultation with the hiring supervisor or his/her designee, will arrange the interview(s) with the recommended candidate(s).
      6. The interview process and schedule will be determined by the committee and the hiring supervisor or his/her designee. The interview schedule will be approved by the Affirmative Action Officer. The interview schedule will be publicly announced by the committee.  
      7. When interview(s) have been completed, the Committee will recommend up to three candidates, unranked, to the hiring supervisor or his/her designee to be considered for appointment. The recommendations shall include the Committee’s comprehensive evaluation of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the recommended candidate(s).
  4. Affirmative Action Compliance
    1. Verification of adherence to Affirmative Action requirements is necessary before a candidate is offered a position.  
    2. The President or his/her designee will communicate with the Affirmative Action Officer to insure that the selection procedures have been appropriate. If the Affirmative Action Officer determines the process has been inadequate, the President or his/her designee may then determine the appropriate remedial course of action.
    3. The chairperson of the screening committee will submit an Affirmative Action Report to the Campus Affirmative Action Officer within 30 days of acceptance of position of the appointee, or immediately after a decision to cancel a search. The report shall include the following:
      1. Cover memo listing documents being submitted, a chronological listing of committee decisions (or minutes from committee meetings) and description of method used to reach decisions with results of decisions.
      2. Summary of recruitment activities with copy of paid and unpaid advertising, letters, mailing lists, etc.
      3. Copy of evaluations materials – application review evaluation forms, reference check questions, telephone interview questions, campus interview questions, interview evaluation forms, etc. These forms are to be reviewed at points during the process. If they are already on file, no need to resubmit, but please make sure they are on file with Human Resources.
      4. Committee Membership
      5. Vacancy Notice – Should be on file with Human Resources
      6. Telephone logs of any calls made to or in-regard-to candidates
      7. All documents, notes, files and evaluations of search committee members. Any general campus evaluations should also be submitted as a part of this report
      8. Interview schedules of finalists
      9. Copies of all final recommendations made by individual or group committee members to the hiring supervisor, Provost, Vice President or President on finalists selection
      10. Any other documents related to the search.
  5. Offer of Appointment
    1. The hiring supervisor will make a single recommendation to the President. If candidates recommended by the Committee are not acceptable to either the appropriate administrator or the President, the process will be repeated, starting with III.B and may entail additional advertising of the vacancy. The hiring supervisor will indicate to the Committee the reasons for rejection of the recommendations.
    2. The hiring supervisor will extend an informal appointment offer to the preferred candidate as soon as possible after the acceptance of the Affirmative Action Report. If the first choice candidate does not accept the informal appointment offer, an informal offer may be extended to the second choice candidate.
    3. As soon thereafter as possible, the hiring supervisor will extend a formal appointment offer to the candidate for signature.

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