Environmental Science, Minor

The Environmental Science Minor provides an opportunity to study environmental processes, problems and solutions from several points of view. The interdisciplinary nature of the ES minor integrates environmental content with non-science courses and is suitable for students with a wide variety of majors.

Required Courses
ENVS 101Physical Geology3
ENVS 101LPhysical Geology Lab1
ENVS 107Introduction to ArcGIS2
ENVS 180Environmental Science: Introduction3
ENVS 180LEnvironmental Science: Introduction Lab1
Select one course with lab from each group:8
Group A
Introduction to Cellular Biology
Introduction to Cellular Biology Lab
Introduction to Biodiversity & Evolution
Introduction to Biodiversity & Evolution Lab
Group B
Basic Chemistry
Basic Chemistry Lab
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry I Lab
Restricted Electives
Select three courses, one must include a lab:10-12
Botany Lab
Ecology Lab
Historical Geology
Historical Geology Lab
Basic Soil Science
Basic Soil Science Lab
Advanced GIS and Spatial Analysis
Hydrology Lab
Environmental Geology
Rocks & Minerals
Rocks & Minerals Lab
Soil Conservation and Land Use Management
Wetland Ecology
Wetland Ecology Lab
Limnology Lab
Total Credits28-30
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