Campus Student Associations

(Minnesota State Policy 2.1)

Part 1. Recognition.

Students at each institution shall have the right to establish a student government herein referred to as a campus student association. Students establishing a campus student association shall develop a constitution for the association. Only currently enrolled students shall be eligible to serve as student representatives or officers. The institution shall recognize the campus student association as the official representative of the students, upon receipt of evidence that the student body has approved the constitution. Multi-campus institutions shall develop policies and procedures to assure representation and participation in a campus student association by students at their constituent campuses.

Part 2. Duties.

In addition to the duties listed in institution and board policies and in the campus student association constitution, the campus student association shall have the sole authority to recommend the chartering of student clubs and organizations for approval by the institution president.

Part 3. Appeal.

The appeal of decisions made by the campus student association relative to chartering, funding, or providing service to student organizations when such decisions may be in violation of law, policy or procedure shall be conducted in accordance with the existing institutional grievance policy.

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