Honors Program: Transfer Pathway

The Transfer Pathway is an option for transfer students bringing a significant number of credits to SMSU.

Required Honors Course
HONR 140Introduction to Honors3
HONR 487Honors Seminar3
Honors Core
Students take one course from each of the four categories below. Courses must be chosen from more than one discipline for 12 credits. 12
Ethical Issues in Professional Life
History of Philosophy: Ethics
History of Philosophy: Social & Political Philosophy
Gender and Identity
Women in Art
American Womens History
Sexuality and Gender in Literature
Womens Literature
The Philosophy of Sex and Gender
Sociology of Sexualities
Global Consciousness
World in War & Crisis: 1895-1949
World in War and Crisis: 1949-Today
Modern Latin America
Atlantic World to 1830
World War Two
Origins of Islamic Civilization
Greek Mythology & Literature
Contemporary World Literature
World Political Geography
Any course SPAN 300 level or above
Human Diversity
African-American History:1500 to the Present
African American Literature
Native American Literature
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Racial & Ethnic Relations
Complete Minnesota Transfer Curriculum42
Total Credits60
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