Mustang Market/Nutrition Network


The Mustang Market, in collaboration with the Nutrition Network, exists to address the unmet nutritional and hygiene needs of students, faculty and community members at Southwest Minnesota State University. Providing healthy food and basic essentials to young adults is an investment in our future.

Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles serve as a framework that shapes our behavior, decision-making, priorities and how to direct our resources.

 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

 The Mustang Market is an open door to whoever is in need of support. We accept and respect all those who enter.

 People- Centered

 The Mustang Market exists to serve those in need. All decisions are made in collaboration with those we serve.


 We collect and maintain data in order to make informed decisions regarding the viability of the Mustang Market as well as to better understand the needs of our guests.

 Nutrition and Food Safety

 We source nutritious food and basic essentials. We ensure food safety throughout the storage and distribution of the product.

 Innovation and Excellence

 Through continuous process improvement, dedication to efficiencies and strong relationships, we strive to meet the needs of our ever changing population.

 The Nutrition Network was created to foster a collaborative approach to addressing unmet nutritional and hygiene needs in the region. The group convenes monthly for short term and   long   term planning.

Driven by the guiding principles, the Nutrition Network strives to make a difference in the overall well-being of students and community members by providing inclusive access to all in need.

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