Adapted Physical Education/DAPE, Minor

Students receiving this licensure have met the requirements necessary for a minor in this area at SMSU. DAPE is only recognized by the State of Minnesota. This minor would enhance their marketability in other states and lead them on the path for an Adapted PE Specialist status.

Required Courses
ED 430Reading in the Content Areas2
EXSC 100Anatomical Kinesiology3
EXSC 100LAnatomical Kinesiology Lab1
EXSC 400Motor Learning & Development2
PE 210Introduction to Adapted Physical Education & LAB3
PE 220Curriculum and Instruction in Physical Education3
PE 481Adapted Physical Education Methods & LAB3
PE 498Adapted Practicum II3
SPED 290Introduction to Special Needs and Lab3
SPED 450Curriculum Design & Implementation in Special Education3
SPED 460Positive Behavior Support in Special Education3
SPED 470Collaboration in Educational Settings3
SPED 480Procedural Safeguards in Special Education3
Total Credits35
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